My Name Is Marc, And You Can Count On It

ST_My Name Is Marc_3.4.jpg

Everyone has that local commercial. You know the one. Weird. Hilarious. Legendary. Documentary film My Name Is Marc, And You Can Count On It goes behind the scenes at Norton Furniture in Cleveland, Ohio, and meets the man who created his own infamously bizarre late night TV commercials for the store. This film — titled after his famous catchphrase — sets out to find the method to his madness.

Director: Lindsey Phillips

Executive Producer: Russell Sheaffer, Artless Media

Producer: Lindsey Phillips, Russell Sheaffer, Michael Arcos

Film + Edit: Lindsey Phillips

Starring: Marc Brown, Mike Reddy, Mark Mazzocco, Luciana Constantino


  • New Orleans Film Festival

  • Cleveland International Film Festival

  • Athens International Film Festival

  • Indie Grits

  • San Diego Underground Film Festival

  • Sidewalk Film Festival

  • Fantastic Fest

  • Adirondack Film Festival